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Real datasets

Videos produced by our algorithm corresponding to the results presented in the paper.


Synthetic datasets

Video examples of sigularities. The dipole is a stress test for our algorithm as both source and sink have high (absolute value) divergency. This case do not appear in our real examples because we are interested in flow (not general vector field) where the possible fluid compression is bounded.

Rendering : how do we reduce the popping effect

No effects


Fading + support treatment

Fading + support treatment + morphing

Rendering without any cautions show highly disturbing popping due to the birth and death of arrows. Fading arrows reduces this effect, but the aspect ratio of arrows becomes ridiculous where the flow has low velocity. Clamping the arrow size to a minimal length resolves the aspect ratio problem, but provides ambiguous information where the flow has low velocity. Morphing arrows to transparent discs provides the best result.